Your Mental Health and You

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Duration: 1 hour


Aimed at delegates of all levels of staff. In this workshop we explore the emerging signs of poor mental health and how this translates in our day-to-day work life. We dive deeper into the importance of positive mental fitness and how by taking small steps daily, we can improve how your mind and body works and respond to the demands of our new world of work. Having more impactful conversations around challenging mental health concerns, guiding to the right support with compassion and empathy while learning and engaging in healthy coping strategies to support our own mental fitness and wellbeing journey.

Covered within this course:

  • What is our mental health & how can we invest in it in these challenging times
  • Understanding Stress, how it feels & what it looks like & how it shows
  • Self-awareness and the barriers to self-reflection
  • Fear
  • What is resilience – adaptability, knowing where to start
  • Simple steps towards mindfulness
  • Self-Care and the ‘Five Ways of Well-Being’
  • How to improve our mental health & well-being, & regain a sense of self control