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Duration:  90 minutes - 2 hours

About This Course:

MHFA England training is a key component for creating a safe, healthy workplace where the mental health and physical health of employees are valued equally. But to be effective and have a sustainable impact, the training needs to be implemented as part of a strategic, whole organisation approach to wellbeing. Supporting mental health at work means creating an environment that is psychologically safe for everyone. This guide will take you through the key considerations to help you embed positive, long-term cultural and behavioural change while nurturing an inclusive, supportive culture around mental health.

Covered within this course:

  • Lay the groundwork for the whole organisation
  • How to evaluate and communicate the support you have in place
  • Guidance on creating a clear policy and role document
  • Supporting and developing your
  • Mental Health First Aiders Learn how to promote your
  • Mental Health First Aiders Have a sense of continuity and thrive as a support group
  • Share personal situations from the workplace and ask for guidance
  • Helpful resources, tips and tools to embed MHFA