Lifting out of languishing

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Duration: 90 min

About This Course:

How do we connect when divided, shake off the apathy, regain motivation and clarity and lift out of languishing and restore and rebuild a positive sense of wellbeing both mentally and physically.

Covered within this course:

  • Understand how our mental health has been impacted and why it’s different for everyone
  • Turn the switch on the unwanted impact of stress on our systems
  • Learn new ways to connect and engage our workforce, individually and in teams
  • Roll modelling effective communication strategies – build confidence in having difficult conversations
  • How to connect authenticity to promote trust, inclusivity and safety
  • Top tips and tools for keeping safe and thriving in transitional workspaces
  • Taking Action – proactive tools for selfcare, at work and at home
  • Looking after yourself and life / work balance and how you can ensure psychological safety for yourself in the workplace.
  • How to connect with a geographically disconnected team, encouraging engagement and connectivity to build wellbeing.