Coping with Adversity

minding your business about 450

Duration: 2 hours online / in person

About This Course:

This interactive workshop is aimed at line managers but can be tailored to staff of all levels, helping delegates to understand what mental health and stress is, how to recognise it, and how to support office and remote staff during the current climate of isolation and social distancing. It also offers the tools and the language to use when managing teams.

Covered within this course:

  • Coping with adversity – staying positive – the impact on our mental health
  • The impact of poor mental health in the workplace and how to spot signs of worsening mental health
  • Understanding the biomechanics of stress, and our response to it; dealing with panic attacks. The impact of stress on our behavior, thoughts and feelings
  • Understanding depression and anxiety
  • How to have effective and authentic conversations – engagement and support
  • Developing non-judgmental listening skills
  • Self-care – It’s all about you! Tangible tools, boundary management, resources and recommendations
  • Details of your Company’s EAP scheme/support available and how to access it