Suzanne Oakes (Suzy) - Instructor


Suzanne has worked in the field of mental and physical health and wellbeing for 17 years. She is a qualified person-centred Counsellor with an Honours degree in Psychology, and an experienced NHS Health Trainer with qualifications in coaching, mentoring, trauma therapy, training delivery and Cognitive Behavioural therapy.

Currently working part time for the NHS as a Staff Support Counsellor, Suzanne (Suzy), led on supporting NHS staff at a hospital with 5000 staff during the Covid-19 pandemic. Suzanne has developed and delivered a wide range of wellbeing courses and provides supervision to teams of mental health first aiders in the workplace.

Having personally, previously, experienced mental health difficulties, Suzanne has the necessary perspective to help people working through difficult times in their own lives, with empathy and compassion. Whilst working as a CBT therapist and counsellor she has helped many people with a range of mental health conditions such as anxiety, relationship issues, trauma, social anxiety, depression and stress.