Jane Cattermole - Instructor


Jane is a qualified Integrative Counselling Psychotherapist with a background in Human Resources and Corporate Recruitment. She worked for ESRA for 15 years, becoming the General Manager and setting up Minding Your Business in 2012 as a funding stream.

She now runs her own Training & Consultancy Company but maintains a close bond with ESRA. Having trained as an MHFA England Instructor in 2008, Jane was one of the original 35 Instructors in England and has been committed to seeing MHFA delivered as standard in all industries. She is part of the MHFAE National Training Team, an MHFAE Associate Trainer and delivers all Adult and Youth programmes. She is also a Suicide First Aid Tutor and provides bespoke training around mental health, stress, performance and communication.

Jane is committed to reducing stigma and improving employment (and other) opportunities for people who face barriers because of mental illness. She loves the outdoors and, when not walking or cycling, is partial to a dip in a cold pond!